SKUDDHA: Advocate

Jarold sng skuddha advocate final res
Final Image
Jarold sng sketch low
Sketch done on iPad Pro. Lovely device!
Jarold sng process 02
Model wip - created in Maya and Zbrush
Jarold sng test 02 low
Model wip 2 - details added using free kitbash parts from Nick Govacko
Jarold sng test 04 low
model wip 3 - final details added. Build is relatively dirty/messy as it is meant to be viewed from one angle.
Jarold sng process 03
Early render in Keyshot, to achieve complex clear plastic renders in a short time.
Jarold sng process 03 2
Extended shoulder pads, as i felt that the Portrait composition was not working well.
Jarold sng process 04
Paintover in Photoshop, lots of Photobashed and painted details.
Jarold sng process 05 details
Details :)