Kollective Learning Ep 04 : Frequency of Focus

General / 05 February 2018

Hello there!

Here's an interesting topic i'd like to share in this post. The idea of Focus came to me when I was catching myself getting lost in the numerous details of my artwork. I studied various art and designs; and majority of the designs that i do love had a very clear- focused design; despite being well rendered and detailed.

The system that i developed is called Frequency of Focus- by breaking down your design goal to a series of visual elements; you can isolate them according to priority- and bump up their visual clarity.

Here's an example

This is a picture of a Knight I grabbed online. It'll be a great example of a working- well executed design. However- if we start to isolate the possible visual elements from this design; we can get 4 main elements. the wavy line i've created represents the visual interest frequency of each element. Because they are fairly the same frequency; you could say that the design lacks focus or rhythm.

So with that in mind,

here are 4 examples where each visual element is highlighted visually- creating a new design of the Knights armor altogether.

Sword Focus

By putting the sword as the main design focus- i've reduced all detail and visual value of the remaining 3 elements. This in turn creates a knight design that looks a little more working class, expendable, battle orientated. Not the greatest design- but the goal was to establish clarity.

Here are practical design examples using this direction

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII & Guts from Berserk

Helmet Focus

Here's the same design with more focus on the helmet.  By pushing the decorative elements on the helmet and  minimizing the sword and shield- we start to see a more regal, commanding approach to the design. 

Here are practical design examples using this direction

Judges from Final Fantasy XII

Shield Focus

Similar to the Sword focus design, i've reduced all the remaining elements and have made the shield the main weapon instead.

Here are practical design examples using this direction

Tower Knight from Demon Souls

Emblem Focus

Taking the lion crest emblem from the initial knight design- i've repeated that element throughout the armor; creating a detailed and lion commander design. In this case- the emblems we actually embossed and stamped unto the armor. However this point can also be reflected in the color, fabric choice and even logos.

Crusade Knight and King Llane from Warcraft the Movie

In conclusion

So obviously each design assignment will have it's unique challenges and require a unique approach to it. This design approach using focus is a fun way to force yourself to isolate the main idea from your original design. It's a great way to also explore options when you're tasked at brainstorming various ideas in a design sketch phase.

On top of that- by applying the Non Linear referencing and the Why theory from my previous blog posts; you can get some very interesting results!

once again, I apologize for grammatical and spelling errors; I'd like to thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you've gained something from it. Happy creating!