Metal Head X Limbo Miniatures : Bust Project POST 01

General / 21 January 2018

Hello There!

Very happy to share progress updates of a new project of mine. It has always been a dream for me to create physicalproducts from my designs- and I'm glad to have been approached by Limbo Miniatures to make that vision come true. I will periodiaclly update the production process of the piece here in this blog. Hopefully it'll be a fun sharing of how Miniature Busts are produced and created.

Limbo Miniatures is a cool miniature producer based in New Zealand; and you can check out more of their products on their website

The Design

The Design that was selected was "METAL HEAD 03". The plan was that the gold skull, and the possibility of the clear resin face dome would make a cool bust to own. After an initial sculpt was created- I drew a turnaround to better flesh out the design; however- I did want to give creative freedom to the zbrush artist to interpret the design themself.

Below is the intial blockout sculpt.

It's clearly an early sculpt; but was extremely usefull to highlight proportion challenges and design gaps from the initial concept art. One thing I do love about zbrush sculpts is how early you can spot weaknesses in your designs. From here on- I did drawovers and sculptovers to experiment with better proportions and design lines.

 Next Update!

We will work on the porportions further- and start to nail the details from the original concept.

Once again- Thank you you for taking the time to read this, and i hope you've found it usefull and interesting!