Metal Head X Limbo Miniatures : Bust Project POST 02

General / 07 February 2018

Hello there!

Another upate on the Metal Head miniature bust; we've completed the zbrush sculpting phase and will move on to 3D printing and tooling soon.

Here are some progress shots of the zbrush sculpt- and my notes and paintover for the 3D sculptor.

As you can see the sculptor, Ed Zhang did a really good job transferring my loose sketch into a working model.

However, onething i'm looking to push for in all my Metal Head busts is some kind of continuity in the swooping curves and lines. Taking inspiration from product and car designs.

a small back end tweak where I shifted the eye position and size. Definitely want to reduce any bug eyed issue with the sculpt.

A very very low res render from keyshot- just to test out the potential materials for a fully colored version. The plan with Limbo MIniatures is to release a pre-painted and unpainted kit. However both versions will have the clear Dome face cover. We are also figuring ou the possiblities of adding LED lights to the eyes. Finally, the wood box is just for reference- the final product is only up to the lower base.

And some decent renders from Keyshot with all the neccessary trimmings. Please forgive the early shader work.

Stay tuned for more