Metal Head X Limbo Miniatures : Bust Project POST 04

General / 03 June 2018

Definitely a long time coming!

But the official protoype pictures are up!

Honestly this wouldn't be possible without having Artstation as a platform to share the original concept art in  the first place. In a strange turn of events- my lame attempt at trying to make my dream of creating my own collectible by drawing it out- actually came true!

i'm not sure if the blog allows for a Kickstarter link- so i'll just avoid it since you can get it via my main AS page regardless.

Thank you all for following my journey so far- the next update should be pictures in China once we hit production.

here are some BTS video of me playing with the protoype

and pictures!

Bonus shot with a packaging mockup - it is NOT final as I am a rather subpar packaging designer.