Starcraft Protoss Zealot - Fan Art

Please note that this is an unnoficial piece of fanart.
I've been a long fan of the original StarCraft series from Blizzard. Although i prefer the gameplay of the first more than the second trilogy; the designs there are amazing to look at. I looked at alot of Jonathan Berube's Art Direction renders aswell as Thuan Nguyen Minh Duong's lovey rendition of the Zealot to get ideas on how do add my own twist to the design.

the turnaround model was created later as a proof of concept of the dynamism and balance of the pose of the statue concept. Done by my buddy Pua ZUng Wey

Jarold sng jsd zealot render 02
Jarold sng zealot statue concept sketch res

Initial sketch to block the idea for the pose

Jarold sng protoss

3d block out done with a mix of poly modelling, downloaded free files off the web.