MILKY OVERLOAD ARTBOOK : The White Queen and Knights of Round

Queen Villacroux Elizabeth is the reigning ruler of the Steel Monarchy. Daughter of King Magnamous the 4th and Queen Theralia; Villacroux was fondly regarded as the White Princess.
Great political in-fighting and the ever growing problem of poverty and illness led to the King and Queen’s brutal assassination. Villacroux great despair turned to relentless pursuit- her brilliant mind and calculated brutality led to unification of the many fractures in the region.
She would be the first Royal Ruling member to truly embrace the Steam Missionary and its many technological wonders. Enforcing relentless Heresy Agents and Executioner Knights to clean the lands of any resistance.
The White Princess was soon revered as the White Queen, her impeccable bleached attire free from any blood stains of those who defied her will.