GORKHA UNIT : Color & Chrome Universe

Misleadingly frail looking in design; the Gorkha units are resilient and relentless at their tasks.

I wanted to design a machine that was basically a child's drawing of a stickman.
The AI manufacturing and powering these drones is essentially a child- so a simple representation of a human being seemed like a logical choice.
the logo is a circle repeated 9 times- forming a cube. it reflects the ideology of the machine being efficient, consistent and having strength in numbers.
the units are almost blind- as their knowledge is collective- hence the design doesn't really have eyes. so the logo also has similarities to braille.
the surface also has fine lines and bumps which are like 3D printed lines- trying to connect to the mass produced nature of these machines.

Jarold sng cc minutemen 01 flattened 2
Jarold sng cc minutemen 01 flattened portrait

cropped version