Beneath the Waves Challenge: Ark of the Covenant

Despite not being able to complete the full challenge on Artstation- it was a great learning experience working on these pieces. the goal was to have a unique design language for these designs; blending the gothic aesthethics with early dive equipment. ANd a totally alien approach for the Ark itself.

Jarold sng btw tideknight 02

ASSIGNMENT 1: Completed Tide Knight Dive Armor

Jarold sng btw hardsuit 01

Main inspiration is the German Gothic armor and old timey diving gear.

Jarold sng btw hardsuit 02

The initial concept pass gave off a far too bulky look for my liking

Jarold sng btw hardsuit 03

revised proportions and design to give a more heroic look

Jarold sng ocean chapel refine 01

ASSIGNMENT 2: Completed Ocean Chapel Deep Sea Troop Carrier

Jarold sng ocean chapel refine 02

with Dive Knight launch bays open

Jarold sng btw submarine 00

Inspiration was to combine chapel aesthethics into a submarine that hopefully looked plausible

Jarold sng btw submarine 01

initial thumbnails exploring various bulks and fittings

Jarold sng btw submarine 02

sail fin idea was introduced to push silhouette further- but eventually removed to accomodate for ocean floor docking

Jarold sng btw ark core final 02

ASSIGNMENT 3 : Completed Ark Core

Jarold sng btw ark core gif 2

Animation to show Anti-matter at the middle of the core

Jarold sng btw ark core final 01

without effects

Jarold sng btw arkofcovenant 01 moodboard
Jarold sng btw arkofcovenant 02