PROJECT: EndoSkeleton

This assignment was an attempt to experiment my zbrush/maya/keyshot concept workflow- and try to create relative convincing models in a better turnaround. The subject is the beloved Endoskeleton from the Terminator franchise; but with my own spin and aesthetic to it.


Jarold sng pes full shading 03

Full Turnaround-
All shading was done in Keyshot. No UVs; poly cleanup

Jarold sng pes marketing 01

Close Up Render 01

Jarold sng pes marketing 02

Close Up Render 02

Jarold sng pes marketing 03

Close Up Render 03

Jarold sng endos packaging design

Packaging Mockup 01

Jarold sng endos packaging design 02

Packaging Mockup 02

Initial Sketch timelapse on Ipad

Turnaround 01

Turnaround 02