TIANWANG - Unit CC HUM 01 - 03 - "Huang He"

A design series for a fictional manufacturing company called TIAN WANG,
I figured it would be good to start with a simpler construction machine to start.
It's my first real foray into a full Keyshot concept workflow. I'm finding new surprises in the software each time I work on it.

The basis of the design is a series of kinetic driven motor spheres that give the Huang He it's mobility.
I chose fairly simple aesthetics; with consideration to the joints collision and intersections.

The name Huang He is from the Yellow River in China, since this particular river has shaped the landscape of China centuries- it would be fitting for a construction machine to be named after it.


Jarold sng tw huanghe 01

Final image in service hangar

Jarold sng tw huanghe 01a

full view

Jarold sng wip grey 1

early design dev test

Jarold sng render wip

early material comp test

Hand animation- with spinning Gyro sphere

Full turnaround